1 - 5 May 2023
Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza, Egypt

A leading African investment market driven by strong, sustainable and balanced growth

Boasting strong demographic growth and a strategic geographical position, Egypt is one of the biggest economies in Africa with a GDP of US$404bn in 2021, ranking number 3 in Africa . Standing its ground as an "African lion”, alongside South Africa, Nigeria, Morocco and Algeria: five powers that together account for 60% of African GDP, Egypt has one of the highest growth forecasts for 2022 in Africa with an expected record of 6.6% growth according by IMF, with projected growth in FDI year on year until 2025.

According to ‘’Egypt’s Vision 2030’’, the Egyptian economy will become a global active player and disciplined market economy, characterised by stable macroeconomic conditions and capability of achieving sustainable containment growth. The country's economy will be capable of adapting to global variables and making the real GDP per capita reaches the ranks of upper middle-income countries.

Four Seasons Cairo
Cairo, Egypt

An investment-friendly environment


  • Egypt has a large consumer market driven by its population of 104 million in 2021 and growing at 2% per annum, and having one of the most skilled labor forces in the Africa.

  • The country has attracted the largest share of private capital deals in North Africa (60%)from 2016 to 2022 H1 with 199 private capital deals, worth US$2.4 billion being executed during the period. Egypt has been evolved into a prominent VC hub, attracting the 4th largest share of VC investments reported in Africa from 2014 to 2022 H1.

  • As private capital continues to flow into the country, the government has developed a plan to fully withdraw from certain sectors of the economy, opening these sectors to private investment to attract US$40bn over the next four years. Egypt’s investment guarantees and incentives under the investment law 2017 include non-discriminatory treatment of foreign investors and free capital repatriation.

Paving the way to green growth


  • Despite contributing the least to global emissions, Africa will endure the highest impact of the climate crisis. COP27 was held in Sharm El Sheik in 2022 demonstrating Egypt’s critical role in the race to Net Zero.

  • In the face of encountering many challenges, Egypt is strengthening its business climate and the green road to economic recovery.

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